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Boeing 737 MAX

Boeing 737 MAX

Revolutionise air travel


New engine

A wider fan, less blades for increased airflow, designed with ultra-light and ultra-strong 3-D woven RTM carbon fiber. Less maintenance required, higher durability & high impact resistance are the results of the redesigned engine. Its new position on the wing reduces drag and streamlines... More

Split winglets

The new Advanced Technology winglets increase efficiency. The split winglets of the 737 MAX generate additional uplift through perfect balance. There is no metal leading edge.


The Boeing 737 MAX consumes 14% less fuel than the 737 Next Generation model and has lower emissions. New materials and a completely new design were used. The 737 MAX is... More

Extended Range

Lower emissions

The 737 MAX’s nitro oxides emissions are approximately 50% below ICAO limits. The carbon footprint is greatly reduced, just like the noise pollution, which decreased... More

The future of flight decks

The largest forward display screens of any airliner make the pilots task easier at critical times. Customizable display layouts and enhanced vertical situation display for increased safety in the air. Multifunctional displays built to incorporate still-developing technologies, which will increase... More

Travel in style

The 737 MAX has modern sculpted side walls, latest seat design and mood lighting to improve the overall looks of the interior.


Superior flight decks with large, customizable and multifunctional forward displays. Cabin tailored to your needs: USB power outlets, mood-lighting, sound, comfort and... More

More spacious

Safety and maintenance

Multifunctional displays as well as real time data reporting and analytics improve visibility of problems before they arise. Technology enables crew & engineers to reduce schedule interruptions and technical delays. With it´s on time rate the 737 MAX enhances service and contributes to a great... More

70 aircraft

TUI placed a total of 70 orders for new aircraft for the Group, to foster the growth of its airline business and to provide their customers with the best comfort. In addition TUI Group holds options for additional 737 MAX aircraft.


TUI invests in the aviation industry with 70 new aircraft, ordered to renew and slightly increase the size of our fleet. TUI will be operating one of the youngest fleets... More

Boeing 737 MAX

Early bird

TUI is one of the earliest customers of the new aircraft and will operate one of the youngest fleets in the aviation industry.